How to Find the Perfect Shoe for You

Finding the perfect shoe for you can be very hard. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find a shoe that will make you happy for a long time. Today we will share with you a few tips on how to find the perfect shoe for you. We want you to find a shoe that will last you a long time. Durability and flexibility or two very high standards for shoes. There should never be a reason that you need a new pair of shoes besides the fact that you’ve had them for several years. Shoe life can be very long if you find the right shoe for you. Furthermore, here are some ways to ensure that you have your shoes for a long period of time.


Shopping for shoes in the afternoon is the best time to go. This is because your foot naturally expand throughout the day. This is because of all of the use it is getting. If you go in the morning you are likely to find a shoe that will end up being too small or a little too snug. If you go in the afternoon your foot will be expanded and ready to find the right shoe for you. Moreover, this will make sure that you are not uncomfortable any part of the day. Additionally, you will be more comfortable with a shoe that is fit for your feet at their biggest rather than their smallest.

What Size is the Real Size for You

Many people have been trying to decide what is the right length of shoe for your feet. Should your toes be all the way to the tip of the shoe? Should there be several inches of room between? The answer is in the happy medium of the two. There should be roughly half an inch of space between your longest two and the tip of the shoe. This is to ensure that your feet have enough space to push forward while taking steps. Additionally, make sure that your shoe is big enough that you can wiggle your toes and have enough room to do so comfortably. The best way to do this is to have your feet measured before buying shoes.

Take Them for a Test Drive

While trying on shoes make sure that you take a good lap around the store to make sure they are really comfortable for you. You need to walk in them to see how they feel. While you are sitting down they could feel fine. However, as soon as you stand up it can be a completely different story. Make sure that you walk around and see how they feel. Do they pinch your heels or toes? Are they falling off easily? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before buying a pair of shoes. Make sure that you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit well. They should not be too tight nor to lose.

Your Comfort

Many people decide that they are a certain size and just go off of that. However, make sure that you are still comfortable in the shoes. You should always try on a pair of shoes before buying them. Different brands make their shoes in different ways. Therefore, a size 7 in Nikes might be a size 6 in Adidas. Make sure to really try them on and make sure that you are comfortable in the shoes before you buy them. The size or style might change and you need the shoe that is best for you. This is why we always suggest to try them on and walk around before buying shoes. Feet change with age and can get larger and or wider every year. It is important to make sure that you are comfortable in the shoes you want to purchase.

Summer Traveling with Kids

Kids can get restless fairly quickly. This happens even earlier when they are not comfortable. Therefore, if they have the right kind of shoes on they will remain comfortable for a longer time. Likewise, it is important to have comfortable shoes for the kiddos when they are out in about and playing. That is why we want to give you some tips and some of the best travel shoes for your kids this summer.

One shoe that parents have recommended year after year during this hot summer months are Crocs. They are great for any summer situation you could find yourself in. Furthermore, they are water resistant and great for all other outdoor activities as well. However, if you find that Crocs do not work for your kids, there are several other options as well. Here are some of the styles and types of shoes that we have found to be great for children.

Closed-Toe Sandals

Many children's sandals that are closed-toe are suitable for any foot. Furthermore, they almost always have a strap to fit the shoe to the specific child’s foot. This is great because you know they will not fall off at the most inopportune time as sometimes happens. Also, this style is great for protection. There will be no scratched toes with these closed-toe sandals. In addition, they are also stylish in every design. They come in almost every color and are loved by children everywhere.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are great for any type of water related events. They are the answer for lake days, pool day, running through the sprinkler and any other water related event. They may cost a little more than other shoes. However, water shoes prevent scrapes and cuts from your little ones feet. It can save the day from several boo-boos and owies.

Hiking Shoes

If you are taking the kids hiking then sandals are probably not your best option. However, you do not really need to buy the very expensive shoes for just a couple trips. In that case, a simple pair of study tennis shoes will do. Likewise, they need to have a good grip that way there are no slips or falls during your adventure. Also, if they are waterproof that is even better. Moreover, they are able to get in the water and splash around a bit for a while.

Theme Park Shoes

Water friendly closed-toe sandals are a great option for this. They are tight fitting, but not too tight. They will not cause blisters, but they will stay on for all the fun fast going rides. Also, the waterproof comes into play during all of the water friendly rides. Furthermore, with the waterproof shoe they will dry very quickly. If you opt for a traditional tennis shoe instead, then the drying process will take longer and you child will get uncomfortable quicker.

A few of the shoe brands that are the best for summer travel for your kids are listed below.


This brand allows so much comfort for your children. They are slip-on shoes that are padded on the bottom. Moreover, they offer so much comfort to your children. In addition, these shoes come in several colors. This allows for people to choose a style that exemplifies their personality.


This stylish brand is great for so many reasons. Not only are they part of the buy one give one promotional donations. This means that for every pair of TOMS you buy, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in a foreign country. Also, they are very comfortable. They slip on and off with ease.

Flip Flops

This old-school style of shoes are still a great option for today. They are easily accessible and perfect for so many occasions and activities. They are the go to shoes for the rainy months, when it’s too hot for socks, a trip to the pool and countless other activities.

Summer Shoes

As summer quickly approaches and summer activities are in full swing, you need a pair of durable and long lasting summer shoes. Here are the Clarksville Family Shoe Store we want to help you find them. We provide great name brand shoes are great costs. Our top selling summer shoes are our Chaco's, Birkenstock's, and Teva’s. All of these shoes are great for your summer outings. They are perfect for hiking, lake days, camping and all things outdoors. Likewise, they are fashionable and complete any outfit.


Our Chacos come in several colors and patterns. They are amazing for hiking. These waterproof shoes are stylish and can be useful in just about any situation. We recommend these to anybody who loves the outdoors. Like we said before they are great for hiking. Additionally, they are waterproof so they are wonderful for the lake. Chacos can provide protection for your feet while simultaneously being a great fashion accessory. Chacos come in multiple colors and patterns. Let some of your personality shine through your shoes. We offer women's, men's and children's Chacos. In addition, the Chacos are great for your feet. They support they offer are great for the feet muscles. They are proven to improve not only your feet but your legs as well. Moreover, Chacos supply your feet with the structure needed to even balance out supporting your body. Furthermore, these shoes are built to last. They are durable and strong. Get your pair today and see what all the fuss is about.


Birkenstocks are a good hiking accessory. However, they are a grand outfit accessory. Birkenstocks can finish any outfit. How do you style them for the summer though? Let us tell you. These shoes can dress up or make any outfit casual. They truly have a double purpose. Birkenstocks can make a T-shirt and shorts look more stylish while making a summer dress more casual. This shoe is promised to make any outfit great and fitting to your personality. How can shoes show a personality? There are so many options of colors and styles of Birkenstocks. This means you can pick exactly what you are looking for. In addition, you can pick the shoe that fits your feet and your personality. Furthermore, these shoes can be worn for any occasion. The summer calls for several outings. Grab your Birkenstocks and head out on your adventure today.


Our other best selling summer sandal is the Teva. These are also great for any summer activity as well as to make a fashion statement. They are completely waterproof. Additionally, there are several styles. The shoes offer maximum support in any and all areas of your feet. Moreover, there are different styles that offer different support for different areas of you feet. Some offer balance support. Others offer heel support. Whatever you are needing, the Teva shoes can provide for it. Tevas are also very accessible. With several options, there is an option for everyone. Whether you are looking for hiking Tevas, lake day Tevas or even just a cute pair of everyday Tevas, we have what you are looking for. There is a style for everyone. Come check us out today. We can offer you the best pair of Tevas for a reasonable cost.

Summer months call for comfortable and practical shoes. Here at the Family Shoe Store of Clarksville, Arkansas we can give you where you are looking for. We have several sandal styles. In addition, we have these styles in several colors and patterns to choose from. If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy it, come check us out today.